The DETOUR Collab

GRAMM joins the Ass Savers Detour family in a unique 25 pieces limited edition collaboration.

The Swedish mudguard manufacturer Ass Savers invited OPEN cycle, Podia and GRAMM Tourpacking to elaborate on their newly released Detour design and the result is a unique and very limited set of frames,bags, jersey and of course, the complete set of the original Detour mudguards and bottles.

The Detour concept is manifested by a set of graphics that originates from the panoramic views as experienced Staffan Widell and designer Jesper Jonsson during last years Torino Nice Rally in the Italian-French alps but for all the committed brands it runs deeper than that. It summons up an attitude towards life as a small brand.

"We are all brands and people that are deeply passionate about what we do and all of us use our own products on a daily basis. They are not developed on the demand of a marketing department but are rather the results of literally thousands of kilometers in the saddle by the founders and the needs discovered while out there, on the bike. To be able to manifest this commitment in a mutual effort around a theme that is so very dear to us is simply... fun." -Staffan Widell, Founder Ass Savers


OPEN Cycle applied an intricate inverted version of the misty mountains graphics to their brand new WI.DE. frame.With room for 2.4 tires and a slightly more upright sitting position than the previous U.P., it's the perfect bike for a proper bikepacking adventure.

Gramm Tourpacking went all in with a complete set up of their custom made bikepacking bags. Tailor made to perfectly fit the different sizes of the OPEN frame and including the bolt-on top tube bag and a brand new handlebar bag.Color scheme runs in a X-Pac/CORDURA fabric deep marigold and X-PAC X21 RC slate grey with matching Detour labels.

The Detour Jersey developed by Podia is based on their new LT jersey style. Manufactured in Italy from some of the lightest, softest fabrics available. Offering breathability and comfort in key areas, perfect for the most testing rides.

The frame, the bags, the jersey, the mudguards, the water bottles and the Patch will be available as a complete bundle in a very limited edition of 25 sets, Pre-orders will start on the 2nd of Sept at

The complete bike can be seen at EUROBIKE 2019, OPEN booth DA-416 in the Demo area.

Staffans story on the ASSSAVERS exposure page about the collaboration you can find here…[UNIQID]

The frameset, the bags, the jersey, water bottles and the mudguards will only be available
as a complete bundle in a very limited edition of 25 sets.


It’s split up between the frame set… that is handled through OPEN (here)
And the rest of the package that is handled through us/GRAMM directly with you.

In the GRAMM package is also included the PODIA jersey (in your size), the mudgards, the fenders, the water bottles and the patch. Pre-Order form see above!

The order window for this limited edition closes on September 20th 2019.

GRAMM package price:
The price for the package in Europe is 1053 EUR including VAT but excluding shipping.
For the rest of the World 993 US$ excluding any sales tax and shipping.

OPEN cycle frameset price:
Retail Price in Europe is 3200 EUR for the OPEN cycle frameset including VAT and shipping.
For rest of the World is 3200$USD for the frameset excluding any local sales tax but including shipping.

The Detour package (which is handled through GRAMM)
includes the following items:

ASSSAVER mudguards and bottles

  • MUDDER mini Detour, 1x

  • Fendor Bendor big Detour 1x

  • Water bottles, ...the Purist bottle Detour, 2x

The PODIA Trikot

  • The Detour Podia Trikot in your size, 1x
    The size chart you can find at the podia website or If you have any questions
    about the Trikot please let us know!

The Detour Patch

  • 65 x 65mm

Custom GRAMM bags
Limited Edition of bicolor bags with X-Pac X50 marigold and X-Pac X21 RC slate grey.
Special made for your OPEN WI.DE frame.

  • 1/3 frame bag
    Material: X50 Marigold
    Custom made for the frame size you ordered

  • Top tube bag 1,0L
    Material: X50 Marigold
    Bolt on bag for your bottle mount / Top tube
    Measures: lenght 260mm, width 80mm ahead / 40mm behind, hight 110mm ahead / 80mm behind

  • Seat bag 12L, bicolor
    Material: Seat post part X50 Marigold, Roll top part X-21 RC slate grey
    Size: up to 12 Liter volume
    Rubber straps at the top of the bag
    Magnetic fastener at the top of the bag

  • Handlebar Roll, bicolor with mounting system
    Material: main part X21 RC slate/grey, mounting part X50 Marigold
    Measures: Diameter Ø18,5cm, width 700mm (completely open to both sides)
    Roll top to both sides of the bag
    Mounting system, aluminium black anodized, perfect for handlebar diameter 31,8mm.
    3x Daisy chain + 2x Gramm straps for extra mounting

    (About the handlebar mounting system…
    The mounting plate is fixed at the handlebar roll. The other part is mounted at your handlebar.
    This is not a harness with packsack, this is a fixed-mounting system. With one handle/klick you can loose the roll from your handlebar. No straps, no longer strapping ...You will have a lot of freedom for your hands at the upright position part of your handlebar! You can also change the angle of the roll. Then you’ll find the best position and do not irritate your shifting cables or press them back onto the head tube. Optional you have also 2x Gramm straps (with Daisy Chain), to make it suuuuuuuper save when you're overloaded, or you want to carry extra stuff (like sleeping pad/matress) on top of your bag.)

The Handlebar Roll

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